Battle of the Somme

In order to explain and mark the centenary of the battle, today our assembly was about the Battle of the Somme. After discussing the location, date and reason for the battle, Year 5 volunteers helped to re-enact the first few days of the battle so that all pupils gained a brief understanding about why so many British soldiers lost their lives during the first day of fighting.

After this was understood, we looked at pictures of the trenches and talked about the sacrifices made by those who took part in the battle 100 years ago. To end the assembly, we watched video footage of the many, many rows of headstones in the burial fields in France and we shared a prayer of thanks and remembrance for those who fought for the freedoms that we enjoy today.

On Friday 1st July, 45 Year 5 pupils will attend a re-enactment of the battle which will take place at Heaton Park. We will post pictures of the event for you to look at.

Dear Lord,

On the day we remember

all who experienced the battle on the Somme:

those who faced the terrible waste and devastation,

who fought against all the odds, endured the clinging mud,

and the squalor of the trenches.

We recall with thanksgiving the loyalty shown to comrades and

the bravery of those who overcame their fear,

the courage of those who daily faced the pounding of artillery,

gun-fire and shrapnel.

May we never forget the devastating loss of this battle,

the anxiety on the home-front,

and the sacrifices that were made.

Through our remembrances today, strengthen our resolve

to oppose aggression, to defend the weak,

and speak your word of peace in times of conflict and insecurity.

This we ask in the name of peace,



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