At Last….work on the playground begins!

Its finally happening….work on the playground and sports field are about to start!

Dear Parents,

Last night after many meetings Governors and the Council agreed the plans and the way forward to redevelop the outdoor areas that have been such an issue for us since the school reopened.

We had an assembly this morning where the children were shown the plans and I explained what they are going to a have so they could share the great news and the fact after all this time they would be able to run around freely and enjoy the outdoors. We are extremely pleased that Tameside Council Engineers themselves will be coordinating the extensive works that will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to complete but will give us exactly what we have wanted. Preliminary work is due to start in the next few weeks so you’ll start to see some action!

Thank you for your patience….. but more so for your help and support. The petitions and letters and voicing your opinion as a school community to the Leader of The Council and your MP. To be fair both Andrew Gwynne MP and Kieran Quinn have been very supportive and have worked towards the best solution for us. Thanks also to the Governors who have represented you and the school community tirelessly over the past few years and they are elated that we can finally concentrate on what we’re best at. This is the press statement being released by our Chair of Governors Elaine Healey to celebrate the start of the project and who needs a pat on the back from us all……..

“The school community has been frustrated with the development work, particularly with the state the playing field was left in after it was used as a site compound during works to refit the school building. The contractors attempts to restore the playing field just weren’t good enough in our view – especially in relation to the drainage.

 I approached the Leader of Tameside Council Kieran Quinn for help and I’m really pleased that he has listened to our concerns and worked with us to sort out the problems. 

Although we’ve still got to work out the finer details, we now have a plan that has been agreed by all of us for a new and bigger all-weather play area and a playing field that will be just that – a place where the children can play when our great British weather allows!

Finally at Russell Scott we can solely focus on with what we do best – providing our children with a great education – rather than talking about buildings, fields and drainage.”

Thanks again for your support…..

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