School Council invite Andrew Gwynne MP for a ‘walkabout’!

The ‘new’ build is coming on fast and in front of schedule so everything is set for a February return.

The School Council a member of which represents each class in school recently toured the site and invited a former past pupil, our local Member of Parliament Andrew Gwynne to join them. Having now attended all three Russell Scotts, Andrew was reminiscing about his own school days ….or as one of the children asked, “….what was it like in the olden days!!!”

To say we were all amazed at the progress the Carillion Team has made is an understatement! The building looks fantastic in and out and the space available is amazing. The transformation over the past weeks has been hard to keep up with as the internal layout starts to take shape.

The children have had the opportunity to tour the site taking pictures on their iPads (including Selfies with the MP!) and sharing them back at school.  Now we cant wait to get in there and try it out!

Rather than explain in words here’s a selection of pictures we have taken during the visit.

Urgent Police Advice for The Safety of Our Children

Children At Risk Outside School

The traffic around Denton over these past weeks has caused chaos around the area. Don’t worry children on a late bus will not be marked late. What is worrying though are the small number of parents who are parking dangerously and inconsiderately outside the school who are endangering children and other pedestrians. School staff are regularly having to remind parents not to park where it endangers or inconveniences the safe passage of the children. Traffic outside the school is horrendous and is being made worst by our own children’s parents dropping off so as not to inconvenience themselves. Please do not drive into the school grounds to drop children off.

The Police have requested that we bring to your notice the fact that they have received a number of complaints regarding inconsiderate parking, dangerous manoeuvres, ignoring junction safety and visibility due to inconsiderate and dangerous parking. These actions are dangerous to other road users and pedestrians.

We have all our support staff on buses making sure the children are safe and sound on what is a difficult journey with 80 children per bus. It is the parents of children who are being dropped off directly at the school who are causing these dangerous situations and adding to traffic congestion by abandoning their cars without a thought for other pedestrians, other road users and more so the children alighting from the buses.

Vehicles are being parked on the pavement, on the red hatched zone directly outside the school. One parent parks on the pavement behind the traffic barriers opposite the school entrance restricting access to resident’s drives and blocking the line of sight for pedestrians at the busy junction. Actions like this has led to complaints to the school from local residents and pedestrians and a warning from the Police that they will issue fixed parking notices and prosecute for any inconsideration towards other road users. A driving without due consideration charge is appropriate where the inconvenience is aimed at and suffered by other road users.

Other examples are parents who bounce up the kerb, the car door opens, a child gets out and the parent drives off leaving the child to find their own way into school. This is wholly irresponsible and the school will not be held responsible for children who are dropped off without parental responsibility prior to 8.55am. Some children are being dropped off at school any time after 8.20am and left on their own. This is both dangerous and unacceptable.

The Police therefore have asked for the following advice to be given to parents in order that we can keep ALL children safe around the school:

You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on school entrance markings.


Parking a vehicle on the pavement could lead to an offence of obstruction being committed. This could result in a fixed penalty notice being issued to offending vehicles. It can also cause danger/nuisance for pedestrians and wheelchairs users. Parking on the pavement is obstructing and seriously inconveniencing pedestrians, people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments and people with prams, pushchairs and young children.

DO NOT stop or park:

  • near the school entrance
  • anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
  • at or near the bus stop
  • opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction
  • opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle
  • where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles
  • in front of an entrance to a property
  • on a bend

Failure to comply could result in the serious injury of a child, a fixed penalty notice or prosecution.

Please help us to keep your children safe…



September Site Walkround

The changes to the school building are amazing with most of the major structural changes having taken place over the summer. The internal walls have virtually all been knocked down revealing huge spaces that will now be remodelled into fantastic teaching and learning spaces. The steel work for the community space is now all in place and shows the full extent of the extension. The community space will be able to be used during the day and in the evening without disturbing the rest of the school. It will be totally independent when we need it to be or opened up to be an integral working space.

Here’s a brief tour around the site as of the first week of September 2014….watch this space!

Welcome Back!

And welcome to a ‘new’ headteachers blog where we will keep you updated on the work of the school and in particular the progress of the build. The build is on track as the February deadline fast approaches.

Where did those holidays go? It was great to see everyone back safe and sound…except the five boys who broke an arm during the summer break!

It was also fantastic to see how well our Year 1 children travelled on the bus up to the Two Trees site for the very first time. What an adventure!

bus parents-W900

Mrs Stone and Mrs Frost, who the children know well from Reception and Nursery were at Two Trees to greet them as they arrived and show them the ropes. Miss Plant and Miss Kingsley have been in school over the summer and prepared the large classrooms for the children’s return…we even have a bear cave as part of the topic. The children soon settled down into their new surroundings and were very excited by the ‘newness’ of it all as well as the huge playground they now have. You can keep up to date with what’s going on in your children’s class by following the class blogs. Each year group across the school has a blog where the children will share their experiences with you and where you can leave comments. Please follow your child’s class and please do comment. The children need to see that there is a wider audience out there sharing their experiences and appreciating their work.